Pest Control Service

At BBR Pest Extermination Service, our main focus is on your yard and any vulnerabilities in the structure of your home which allow entrance to the bugs and rodents. Our first course of action will be to locate and seal these unintended entrances so you can be assured that no more pests can get into your house. If we locate nesting areas for pests outside of your home, we will spray those areas to remove the nests.

Pest Control Service Miami FLInside your home, our located in Miami FL pest control specialists will find and destroy any infestation that we discover. The big difference between us and other pest control services is that we treat your entire home. This means that we focus on locating problems on the outside so pests can’t get to the inside. We will show you how to monitor these areas so you can continue to keep pests out after we have applied our treatments.

At BBR Pest Extermination Service, we believe in sending you the most highly qualified exterminators in Miami FL. In addition to having advanced training in extermination service, our employees receive continuing education to be able to serve you better.

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